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存储容器s 排箱

Conex 存储容器

Whether you need to move your personal belongings from one house to another, or you need to store your business assets due to renovating or overstocking, storage is a necessity in the world we live in.

If you are moving your personal belongings from one home to another, the first question that crosses your mind is, is this a long or short distance move?

If the answer is a short distance move, 排箱es would work well for you. These 存储容器s have cargo doors with locks, that are also 防风水密的 (WWT)和重载. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, and budget.



The best part of 排箱es is they are delivered to your house for use at your convenience. This way you can pack, organize and store your personal items when you are free to. When you are finished, you can move the boxes anywhere you would like and begin to unpack them. This makes it easier than having to navigate around moving boxes spread across your home.

Imagine this, you just got the keys to your new home and it is completely empty. The furniture is all put into place throughout your home and now you can unpack all your household items without the overwhelming feeling of seeing boxes all over the place. Once you have finished you can put the boxes away as you are unpacking them.

If you are not ready to complete this task in a single day, your items are locked safe, 干, 别挡道. There are no boxes taking up space in your new home.

Business Storage 排箱


Moving homes is a reason for someone to need storage, though businesses also need storage. Instead of renting additional warehouse or shop spaces for short term storage needs, a 存储容器 would be the better option for commercial and industrial usage. These containers are more cost effective for your business.

Storage containers are available for both rentals and purchases. They are accessible to forklift trucks and come in a variety of sizes. The best part about 存储容器s is they are portable. They are not confined to one area and they can be easily moved is there is a need.

The following are examples of 排箱es.

  1. 开顶集装箱:

    With a convertible top that can be completely removed to create an open top so that materials of any height can easily be shipped.

  2. 隧道容器:

    Container storage units provided with removed doors and front wall to create a 行人隧道 mostly for use in construction zones

  3. Double Door Container :

    这些容器 双扇门 on the ends, as to provide more room for loading and unloading. Construction materials including steel and iron can fit in these containers.

  4. Refrigerated Container :

    These are temperature regulated shipping containers that always have a carefully controlled low temperature. They are exclusively used for the shipment of perishable substances such as, fruits and vegetables over long distances.

  5. 坦克的容器:

    Container storage units are most widely used for transportation of liquid materials, they are used largely in the shipping industry. They have long lives due to the materials being made from steel or anti corrosive metals.

  6. 平架集装箱:

    This container has collapsible sides, they are like simple storage shipping containers where the sides can be folded as to make a flat rack for shipping a variety of goods.

  7. Dry 存储容器 :

    This is the most commonly used 存储容器. They come in a variety of dimensions standardized by the ISO. They are used for shipping 干 materials and come in sizes of 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft.

  8. 汽车运营商:

    This shipping container is used especially for shipments of cars over long distances. They come with collapsible sides that help the car fit snugly inside the containers without the risk of being damaged or moving from their spot.

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